What are your payment terms and do you offer a discount for early payment?

Our payment terms are net 30; you're invoiced when your order ships.
There is no discount for early or pre-payment.

Does SimplyLEDs sell LED light bars, bulbs, or strips?

No. SimplyLEDs only manufactures high output commercial and industrial luminaires.

How do I obtain pricing on your fixtures or pricing for a project I have?

There are several ways we can provide you pricing.

  • Contact our Sales Team through our website via the "Contacts" page.
  • Email us directly.
  • Contact one of our Reps in your area.

Can I get a price list for your fixtures?

For 2017 we have a general pricing guide available to be used as a reference point.
You'll want to contact us for the best pricing possible for your project.



What is the difference between the distribution of an RDW and FLD?

Function follows form: the RDW produces a circular dispersion of light and the FLD produces a square dispersion of light.
Parking lots lacking a consistent pole placement pattern are best lit with the RDW while lots with a consistent pole placement pattern are best fit to the FLD.

What is the optimal pole height for light dispersion?

Pole height for optimal dispersion begins at 45' and increases with height until 100'.
Considering average parking lots without unusually high pole heights, 45'-60' is the average optimal height for the RDW, and 35'-50' is the average optimal height for the FLD.

How much do you charge for Photometric Layouts?

Our Photometric layouts are a free service we extend to all customers.
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Warranty and Returns

What is your Warranty Period?

Unless otherwise stated, all our luminaires carry SimplyLEDs limited 10 year warranty.

How do I make a warranty claim?

You can make a warranty claim by completing the warranty form available on our website.

How does your return policy work?

Returns, or RMA's will be processed through our warranty department.
To access info on our return policy click here